Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in knowing more about us and what we are all about.

A website is born

This website has just been born, but our passion for travel has been with us for over 10 years. That´s why it is safe to say that we know at least a little bit about traveling the world – but far from everything. This knowledge is something we wish to share with you. So we started with intentions of giving you a fair share of our backpacker wisdom.

It will also be a way for us to document our traveling for years to come – our experiences, lessons learned, people we meet, memories we create – sort of like a digital diary fully packed with photos, videos and stories from around the world. And even though we have traveled for a few years already we haven’t had a platform where we could actually share this with people who share our passion for travel. Now, we do – and we will bring back to life earlier adventures in our lives through our Throwback section – where we invite you to take a look into our past. is still under construction, and will be for quite some time, so we ask you to have patience with certain sections that are still not fully completed. We are doing the best we can to launch these sections as well.

Vietnam laid the foundation

We had already been blogging for over a year on another platform when the idea of rebranding ourselves came to us. Why not start a professional website/blog where we could share everything that we have ever done and seen, are doing today – and what travel adventures lies ahead. And we wanted our stories to reach an international audience therefore we set out to make our site translatable to the whole world – at least everyone who speaks English to start with.

This idea came to life in Vietnam when we where doing our Motorcycle adventure from North to South. We had bought our bikes in Hanoi and had plans of driving them all the way down to Saigon to sell them. This was an adventure of a lifetime and one of the most amazing things we have ever done.

The name Vagabonds of Sweden actually came to us already back in February 2016 – before we went on our around the world trip. But it wasn’t until we came home that we started building on our website vision as a foundation for our travel dreams – and started promoting ourselves by the name that was always meant to be. And now, here we are.


Our website will in due time contain our blog – where we will share captivating stories and high quality photos, our vlog where we shoot films from our experiences around the world, an inspirational section where you will find inspiration for your next trip, resources when planning your own adventure as well as categories for you to easily find what you are looking for – and many things more.

We will always strive to provide you with excellent content and seek ways to improve ourselves when not fulfilling our promise.

What you’ll learn here

Besides finding tons of inspirational content we will aim towards educating you before, during and after your own travel adventures.

Sharing our travel wisdom with you, obtained through experiences from all over the world, will help you finding your own way of traveling.

Among other things you will specifically learn:

  • Travel tips accumulated through years on the road
  • Detailed cost breakdowns to help you better budget for your trip
  • Step-by-step guides with overview of everything from budget to planning
  • Which travel resources to use to save money while traveling

Why we are different

We want to inspire everyone with a passion for travel to adopt a travel lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. A lot of people out there like to travel and is satisfied with a few weeks off from work every year – but we want to bring a lifestyle to life, where you get to decide exactly when and where you wanna go. We advocate this because we see the advantages of traveling and what effects it actually has on your life and character. As a metaphor – a journey across the world is the best way to lose yourself then find yourself again while also traveling inside, and realize you have become the person you were created to be – whatever your life’s work and accomplishments may be.

It doesn’t matter if you are an independent traveler, a couple, family, young or old, man or woman – this website is for everyone and we will bring to you adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, overland journeys and many more.

As we evolve and life goes on, our website will evolve – and in so doing we will be able to discover different ways to travel from what we already have experience in – for example traveling with kids.

Having traveled around the world ourselves you can expect everything on this website and travel blog to be authentic and narrated out of real life experiences. And we also want to take you behind the scenes of traveling, and give examples of situations that is not all glamour. Because travel just as life in general has its ups and downs.

Vagabonds of Sweden®

Vagabonds of Sweden is a travel lifestyle brand that was founded upon the love of freedom that only travel can deliver. We aspire to inspire you to make traveling a big part of your life – by giving you all the tools necessary for a life full of exciting adventures.



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