We strive to inspire people from all over the world to adopt a travel lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.


a travel lifestyle.

An expression of the life we live and wish for others to have.


The logotype we have chosen for our brand is a symbol of a travel lifestyle and the associated freedom. 

WHAT IT Symbolizes

A travel lifestyle

One continous line make up the entire logo – starting at the opening of the S and swirling its way up and down, back and forth to finally exit at the top of the V in the shape of a subtle arrow. This feeling of movement really is what the brand is all about because it is a sound portrait of a travel lifestyle where you go from one place to another experiencing new and exciting things. 


The way the letters V and S in the logo embrace and intertwine with each other gives of a feeling of community, connection and love. A big part of traveling is meeting new people and with that comes a sense of community. Those who love to travel and see the world share a common bond and connect on the same level. 


The very essence and soul of our brand is freedom and few things in life equals this level of independence the way traveling does. The letters in our logo are not closed off but open with a free flow from beginning to the end. The V formation symbolizes the way birds flock together where they are free to go anywhere at anytime – connecting both community and a travel lifestyle.

Masculinity and Femininity

The world is big and it belongs to everyone, man and woman. In our logo we connect both male and female attributes. Sharp edges in the V signaling masculinity and curves and circles in the S femininity.



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