Transportation costs and in particular flying – is one of the major expenses on any trip.

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When you are about to book flight tickets it helps knowing a few tips and tricks on how to find the best prices for your trip no matter where you are going in the world. Following is a few examples on how to increase your chances of finding cheap airline tickets. Limit yourself to only using a few of these.

Use common sense  

What this means is that you simply ignore any myths about it being cheaper to book on a Tuesday or during a specific time period. Put all that aside. There is no point in trying to apply several different kind of methods and wait longer than you really should. You only waste time this way – time you could have spent actually enjoying your trip. Keep it as simple as possible.

Book early 

Usually when you are about to travel somewhere – you know this far in advance. Especially when you are going on a vacation. However, when traveling as a backpacker across the whole world for an extended period of time – you are not always that privileged and maybe you don’t want to be. But even though the spontaneous way of traveling is the best way to travel it also means you risk losing money along the way if you book your flight tickets too late. Therefore you should book at least between 6-8 weeks before. If you are traveling somewhere during peak season we suggest booking as far as three months ahead. So, its best to book early but not too early. The prices will always fluctuate and you can never predict the best price.

Check flights to a nearby airport 

Meaning you shouldn’t always fly direct. Sometimes it is more profitable for you to search tickets to a nearby airport instead and then arrange alternative transportation from there. For example – if you are flying to Paris you could fly to the Beauvais airport instead of Charles de Gaulle and from there take the bus to the city center. You might lose some time but you win it in cash.

Be flexible with your date and time

The prices for airline tickets will vary depending on day of the week, time of year and if there are any upcoming holidays. If you are booking your trip well in advance there is a lot of money to be saved. 

Be flexible with your destinations

The best way to travel is to be flexible both with your date, time and destination. If you are so fortunate to be able to travel in this way, you should have no problem finding cheap airline tickets. One of the crucial factors is how long your trip is and how much time you could actually spend getting from one place to another. You can easily plan alternative routes, meaning sometimes it is cheaper to fly to a city in another country close by and then fly onwards from there with a budget airline. When you have to travel to a certain place at a specific time you are more or less stuck with whatever price shows up in the search results.

Use different search engines 

One of the best search engines out there for finding the best deals is Momondo. You also have Skyscanner and Expedia.

Search ticket prices as one person 

Sometimes you can actually find a better price by searching ticket prices as one person. If you are a couple you can save money this way and usually you can ask on the airplane to swith seats with someone so that you can sit together. 

Identify the cheapest day to fly out 

In particular Momondo has a very user friendly interface for identifying the cheapest day to fly out. At the very top of their page you can see what dates offer the best price.

Fly with budget airlines 

There are plenty of budget airlines around the world. When searching for budget airlines, no matter where you are in the world you can use Momondo to find the best deals.


Whenever we book flights we always use the travel search engines Momondo and Skyscanner. They usually have the best deals on the market and they include small and budget airlines.


1. Get the best deals

2. 100% price transparency – no hidden charges or added fees

3. Serves travelers across more than 30 international markets

4. Momondo includes small, budget airlines and lesser-known airlines as it works to find the lowest airfare

5. Its not a booking site. It’s a travel metasearch engine that searches over 1000 airlines, online booking sites, travel agencies, search engines and other online travel discount sites

6. A user-friendly website and interface

7. Finds and compares the best offers on flights, hotels, car rentals and package holidays

8. Momondo is a free and inspirational global travel search site comparing cheap flights, hotels and car rental deals

9. Momondo search and compare billions of real-time prices on flights, hotels and cars so you can find the cheapest, quickest and best travel deals


1. Both Skyscanner and Momondo complement each other as the best travel search engines on the market. 

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